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“Empowering our children to love and live Islam.”

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September 14, 2019
3 Terms, 12 weeks per term


Commercial House, 406 - 410 Eastern Avenue, Ilford, Essex, IG2 6NQ, UK   View map



It is an indisputable fact that the Ummah is currently passing through a phase of ignorance. The global onslaught upon the Ummah is on many fronts. However, the most dangerous and unfortunately the most effective is the silent battle that is waged on the hearts and minds of our innocent children. This battle is waged with smiling faces, alluring fashions, deceptive articles and even “exciting” toys which leave subtle messages in the hearts of youth. Eventually, Muslim children with Muslim names grow up without any spirit of Islam in their lives. Their hearts become void from any deep affection or love for Islam and only perform their rituals in a robotic manner, with their lives centred on materialism and chasing “fun.” The true purpose of our existence in this earth is then completely lost.

Recognising the harm of this battle that is being waged on the hearts and minds of the Ummah, An-Nakhlah Academy has taken steps to ensure that our children are not only safeguarded, but are raised to love and live Islam. Our self designed syllabus, interactive practical classes, and entertaining school trips, join fun and knowledge together, inculcating the awareness of Allah and the fundamentals of the Deen whilst emphasising that one can still enjoy oneself when being a Muslim and practicing Islam. Specific workshops debating and tackling scientific and philosophical theories contradicting Islam are designed for the elder children, whilst those that are younger are taught principles and beliefs through stories and morals from the lives of Prophets and Messengers. Our goal is to become the focal fundamental function in empowering our children to water the seeds of Iman in their hearts, paving the avenue to make them love and live Islam!

May Allah, the Exalted accept us and our children, guide us, protect us and always be pleased with us. Amin.

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