Alimiyyah Programme


One of the institutes key driving principles is that a Muslim must and should excel in all facets of his or her daily life, being relentless in the pursuit of excellence, whether the objective pertains to matters of this life or the next.

Whilst there is no shortage of organisations, institutions and individuals willing to assist Muslims with their worldly pursuits, the offerings when it comes to the hereafter are far more sparse. In particular, An-Nakhlah believes that there is an absence of a course similar to the one being launched: namely, a part-time structured programme designed to comprehensively educate Muslim’s on the core and fundamental aspects of their religion.

What are the obligatory acts in salaah? What are the conditions of a permissible transaction? Why is Surah Al-Fatihah the greatest chapter in the Quran? What are the things that can nullify a person’s Islam? What are the conditions for a narration to be authentic?

Unfortunately, these are just some examples of essential questions that many practicing Muslims do not know the answers to but which are fundamental to a Muslim’s religion. The purpose of the Alimiyyah Programme is to address this knowledge-gap and produce a generation of empowered Muslims informed about their deen.

Islamic Knowledge

The Alimiyyah Programme is principally concerned with the teaching/learning of sacred knowledge. For without knowledge of the religion and a concrete foundation in the various sciences of Islam, a Muslim is susceptible to being misguided and (prevalently in contemporary times) misguiding others.

The Alimiyyah Programme will cover a broad curriculum, teaching both the core and supplementary sciences. Over the course of the Programme, students will study at least 10 different Islamic sciences and cover 30+ seminal texts.

Course Structure

It is extremely important that when a student traverses on the path of studying the religion, the knowledge is given its due respect and value. Amongst the ways that a student can express his love and reverence for sacred knowledge is by showing commitment and dedication towards it.  If knowledge is valued, it will be pursued with eagerness and zeal, which will in turn manifest in the heart of the student the love for Allah and His religion.

It is well known that the companions of the Prophet ﷺ and the early generation of Muslims would travel for long periods in extreme and harsh conditions (some even travelling to different countries for no other purpose but to receive a single narration) because they truly valued sacred knowledge. The ambition of the Alimiyyah Programme is to implant a similar love for divine knowledge in the hearts of its students.

Whilst adapting where necessary (to ensure applicability to a modern context), the Alimiyyah Programme will aim to teach and encourage learning of the divine sciences in a method similar to the way taught and studied by the early scholars of Islam.

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