Alimiyyah Programme Updates

Important Update

After praising Allah and thanking Him for allowing us to formally launch our seminal Alimiyyah Programme, we would like to express our gratitude to you all for your immense support and overwhelming interest in the course.
In order to efficiently manage the process hereon in, the Institute would like to make the following request of all students:
  1. Registering interest/Application forms:
When registering interest in the Programme, please can we ask all students to do so by submitting a fully completed application form. Given the limited spaces and interest expressed to-date, it is crucial that all applicants carefully consider the questions raised therein and complete these as diligently and comprehensively as possible.
  1. Questions/the course brochure:
Since the launch of the Alimiyyah Programme, the An-Nakhlah admin team has been inundated with questions regarding the course. Whilst the team will do its very best to respond to each question as quickly as possible, all students are requested to thoroughly review the Alimiyyah Programme brochure in the first instance, as the answer to many of the questions raised thus far can be found therein. This will allow the An-Nakhlah team to focus on reviewing student applications and allocating course places.
  1. Securing your place:
Once a student’s application has been reviewed by the course instructors, they will be informed of whether they have secured a place onto the Alimiyyah Programme or not. All students who successfully secure a place will be asked to:
  1. Confirm their reservation by paying a £100 non-refundable deposit within 5 business days of receiving confirmation of their place; and
  2. Pay the remainder of balance by the enrolment deadline (5 July 2021).

Alimiyyah Programme FAQs

What is the minimum age requirement to enrol onto the Alimiyyah Programme?

All students must be aged 16 or over by 31 August 2021 to enrol onto the course.

Is the programme open to both males and females?

Yes. Males and females over the age of 16.

Are there any pre-requisites to enrolling onto the Alimiyyah Programme?

The Programme has intentionally been designed to be accessible for students of all levels. All that the course instructors request is that students demonstrate a respect for the sanctity of the knowledge being taught by showing commitment and dedication to the course.

Can I skip a year if I have formally studied the religion before?

All students are expected to complete each year of study for the entire duration of the four-year course, irrespective of previous academic/Islamic background or study.

I have been studying the Islamic sciences for quite a while on my own, do I have to start at the foundation year?

There is no foundation year. Each year of study forms a critical part of the overall Programme and each year of study builds on and supplements the other

Will we study the Arabic language/Quran during the Programme?

The Alimiyyah Programme is not an Arabic language course and will not be covering how to recite the Quran. However, the Institute does offer both of these courses (Arabic language and Quran/Tajweed) and students are strongly recommended to supplement their Alimiyyah studies with enrolment onto such courses, whether with An-Nakhlah Institute or elsewhere. By the end of the Alimiyyah Programme, students are expected to develop Arabic language and Quran recitation in which they will be examined on upon graduation. Please visit our website for more details

When will the next Alimiyyah Programme be launched if I miss this one?

The duration of the course is 4 years and there is no guarantee that a further course will be launched during this period.

How many hours of revision and independent study are students recommended to complete per week?

This will vary per student. The course instructors recommend that students spend at least 3/4 hours a week revising their learning/completing assigned homework/independent study.

Can students enrol onto the course and study online/from home?

Whilst this is something that the Institute is considering for the future, for the 2021 cohort, all students will be required to study on-site.

I live outside of London. Can I still enrol?

Yes – provided that you are able to attend each lesson on-site (please see answer to question above).

What is the minimum level of attendance expected?

Students are expected to have the highest level of attendance and must attend every single lesson to the maximum extent possible. However, the Institute recognises that there will be occasions (and due to circumstances outside of a student’s control) that may lead to them missing the occasional lesson. Students who do not obtain at least 70% attendance for each year of study, will not be permitted to enrol onto the following year and with respect to the final year, will have their graduation deferred.

Where is the degree certified?

The degree will be issued by the Islamic University of Turkey.

Where can I get more information on the Islamic University of Turkey?

Please visit for more information.

Can I pay the course fee on a monthly basis?

For operational ease, the Institute offers student’s a choice of two payment plans: (i) annual payments or (ii) termly payments. Please refer to the brochure for more information.