Business ideas for students: a guide to starting your own side-business

 Business ideas for students: a guide to starting your own side-business

Are you looking to earn a bit of extra cash or even turn an interest into a profitable business? With these ideas for business that require minimal investment You can test your creativity, grit and entrepreneurial spirit studying at university.

Research conducted by Santander shows that one in 10 university students is currently operating their own business in addition to their studies. In addition, one fifth of them plan to continue working on their business after they finish their studies.

The increasing popularity of the side hustles of university students is easy to notice, but how do you join this growing trend?

Before we move on to the fun stuff and explore some of the best business ideas that are suitable for students, let us to share a few helpful tips for getting set up. If you’re unsure of your tax and legal obligations or you’re looking for additional information about becoming a small business owner and want to know more, we’re here.

How to start an side-business – 5 important steps

Prepare a business plan – think about what problem that your company will be able to address for customers. If you’re only starting small, your business plan can be developed over time. It can help you get maximum value from your creative ideas by analyzing possibilities, identifying obstacles, and then planning your marketing.Read here entrepreneurship ideas for students At our site

Take note of your tax obligations. you get a PS1,000 tax-free trading allowance prior to the time you have to tell HMRC about your income in each tax year. If you earn more than this, it’s time to sign up as a self-employed person – it’s a good thing since you’ll get back tax on certain expenses that you incur while managing your business.

Protect your business with insurance which protects you from everyday dangers like accidents, damage, and legal fees. For instance, public liability insurance can protect you in case someone gets sick or injured due to the activities of your company. Find out more about the kinds of insurance for business you may need, and why.

Make sure you manage your budget. It’s an excellent idea to establish a budget both for your own personal education and your business. Business budgets help you have a record of your income and expenses, allowing you to create a plan for growth. When you’re just starting your own side-business it’s beneficial to keep any profits you make and put it into a fund for investment in the business or putting it towards educational courses in your field that or other courses you’re looking into.

Finance and security – Although the solutions we present below are reasonably low-cost options for establishing, you may still have certain initial costs for equipment or technology, and you’ll need to decide how to finance this. You can think about crowdfunding or look into the financial and support services offered by the government to determine if you’re eligible for any grants.

Talk to your university’s careers service, as they’ll provide a wealth of tools and information to assist you in your first steps as an business owner. It is also possible to check out our comprehensive guide to starting the business.

Business ideas for students in universities

Are you in search of inspiration? Here are some popular side business ideas you could consider starting in the university. If you’re hoping to make it your permanent business once you’ve graduated it’s vital to take note of your strengths, values as well as what you’d enjoy doing the most.

1. Selling on eBay

It’s possible to sell almost anything online, but it’s important to decide on what’s going offer you the best return on your investment. You may work with a wholesaler to bulk buy the products you’d like to sell, or you could sell vintage clothes or homemade products.

Check out what’s popular in the moment and experiment with your items with a targeted on your student group. For more advice you can read our guide on how to find an online marketplace for your product.

2. Design craft items

If you’re creative and searching for a unique business idea that can begin by establishing your university accommodation So why not begin your own business in crafting? Most popular options include crafting candles, making jewellery and selling frames of your own.

The good thing is that this is something you could do from your home, however you are also able to get out and in the community by establishing your own craft stall at local markets. Your school is likely to have craft events, particularly during the Christmas season Be sure to keep an eye out for those on campus.

3. Tutoring

According to 20% of students are making income from tutoring. What’s the reason? If you’re advancing in your college career You could help first-year students in your particular field or even support school-age kids with their GCSE Mathematics and English.

The good news is that you do not need a lot of resources to set up, all you need is your experience and materials for the subject. And if the year that has passed was a learning experience you’re able to provide this as an online service too.

4. Influencers of social media

A lot of students are earning money without leaving their bedroom by promoting brands on their social media accounts with the intention of earning money. If you’ve built a following and a loyal audience Brands may be interested in working with you to become an influencer.

You don’t necessarily need millions of followers, you only need to determine your niche and be willing to publish a few posts a week.

5. Start with a YouTube channel

Make sure you have a camera, audio equipment, and a beautiful background and you could be the next big YouTube vlogger. Fashion vlogging, makeup tutorials, along with travel and beauty vlogs are all very popular on YouTube. You can also document the joys, difficulties, and experiences of college life.

Making money on YouTube isn’t easy and requires quite a bit of time and effort, however, once you start seeing your numbers of views grow and you can make money via channels or advertisements.

6. Dog walking

If you’re passionate about the love of animals and wish the chance to have more interaction with dogs, you could use your time in between lectures to offer dog walking services.

Guide to Dog Walking will cover everything you need to know to get set up, from your training and the licenses you’ll need to how to attract new clients and work out the amount you’ll need to charge. Or check out our guide on jobs that require animals for some more suggestions.

7. Be a freelancer

It is a great opportunity to earn some money , however, with a little perseverance and networking, you can make it your full-time earnings. Copywriting has become a popular service to provide since many companies require help for writing blogs and news articles, for example.

Other options for freelance work include graphic design and photography. Whatever your talent, freelancing can be a low-risk means to start building your client list and find your ideal niche.

8. Business in food and drink

If you have a passion for food, how about bringing your culinary creations to the world by creating a food and beverage business? You could launch an enterprise in baking and cake by selling your home-cooked food at campus markets. Additionally, you could provide meals, provide cooking classes or work towards starting your own catering truck.

There are rules and laws for selling food items to public , and this includes providing allergen information. Be sure to check the guidelines for guidance from the Food Standards Agency and register your company with the local authority within 28 days.

9. Student removals business

Although starting a business in removals might seem like an expensive choice, you could begin small and check the waters. Hire a van to use for a couple of hours or by using an urban car club is very affordable and can be arranged at last minute. It is possible to book for student movers prior to any financial expense.

Take note that the majority students need assistance moving between the beginning and the end of each term. So you’ll likely be very busy in the months of June, July and September. However, you’ll be relatively quiet during the rest of the year. It’s great for making time for your business around your studies though.

If you have a side hustle that takes off, you could think about whether you want to purchase or lease an office van.

10. Party and event planning

University life is famous for its evenings out and parties. If you’re a lover of bringing people together and want to show off your creativity then you can start your own party and event organizing business.

In the role of an event planner, you’re responsible for organising a venue as well as food, drink, music, and decoration. You’ll have to be a skilled communicator and establish connections with a variety of suppliers. It’s also beneficial to learn about the planning of events before you venture into it alone, but there are plenty of opportunities to learn these skills at university. For instance, it’s possible to join the Student Union and help in the organization of student nights and other events on campus.

11. Join a tour-guide program

If you’re a knowledgeable resident of the city you attend university in, then you could think about becoming the tour guide for your studies.

Striking the balance between fun and entertainment is an essential aspect of being an experienced tour guide. Can you offer something unique for tourists to explore and learn about? From food tours at independent restaurants to walks to look at cool street art , or chauffeured punting tours at Cambridge or Oxford There’s a wealth of ways to go about it.

If you’re thinking of how you can become an expert tour guide, and how to begin with marketing, Airbnb Experiences is a ideal platform for connecting with tourists who are visiting the area for vacation.