An-Nakhlah Institute

An-Nakhlah Institute is an educational initiative with an aim to revive Islamic culture, character, and identity, by educating men and women of all ages. An-Nakhlah Institute strives to provide individuals with many opportunities for learning

An-Nakhlah Institute takes pleasure in providing high-quality education on with our own syllabus

Equipped for Success: An-Nakhlah Institute’s exceptional academic balance paves the way for a thriving life beyond.

Enlightening Futures, Empowering Hearts: Unveiling Knowledge at our Institute.

What Do We Offer ?

Children’s Academy

An-Nakhlah Academy has taken steps to ensure that our children are not only safeguarded, but are raised to love and live Islam. Our self designed syllabus, interactive practical classes, and entertaining school trips, join fun and knowledge together.


Our Alimiyyah Programme hopes to empower its students and equip them with the skills, confidence and knowledge to be proud believers and to remain confidently on the path of Allah and His Messenger

Quran Courses

Our Quran Courses are designed for those who would like to start the exciting journey of reading the Quran under orientation of qualified and experienced tutors.

Arabic Courses

Our Quran Courses incorporate modern and classical Arabic as well as grammar. It is one of the most comprehensive coverages of classical Arabic and grammar available.

Our Teachers

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Sheikh Abu Muhammad Saleh

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Sheikh Dr. Abu Khalid Imran

+44 7763 891546

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    Online Database

    An-Nakhlah institute is linked with an Online Management System , in which you will be provided with  individual IDs to see your Children's progres timetable Attendance and many more...

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    Year 6 – Graduation!

    Date: 14-07-2023



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